Anna University Regional Campus – Tirunelveli, an excellent zone for everyone

About the Anna University Regional Campus - Tirunelveli

Anna University, one of the excellent institutions of the southern part of India has its acquisitions to many institutions in Tamilnadu and one primary institution is the Anna University Regional Campus - Tirunelveli which extends high quality teaching ensuring contiguous progress of the young minds. Our campus has grown into an institution that provides excellent technical education in the field of Engineering and Management, within a short period. It offers excellent platform for the students to show off their talents and equip the students with confidence and high image profile to compete with the fast paced ambitious world.

The focus of the institution is to groom competent professionals through learning and research. It has with it, an excellent board of mentors who can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love for learning, making the campus an optimum place for education.

Our College has proficient and well trained faculty in all disciplines. Periodical lectures by visiting Professors, Scientists and Educational Administrators are arranged to furnish the knowledge of students and staff in their corresponding fields of education. Our vital aspiration is to fabricate students with strong ethics and commitment to serve humanity. In our college we give equal importance to both academic and non-academic activities that take our students to a bright track.


To contribute to the state and nation by providing globally acclaimed technical education and research with strong ethical values that transforms students into leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and responsible citizens.


  1. To achieve academic excellence in Engineering and Technology through latest Teaching/ Learning practices.
  2. To educate students professionally to face social challenges by providing a healthy learning environment grounded well in the principles of engineering, promoting creativity and nurturing teamwork.
  3. To promote research culture among students and faculty through projects and consultancy with state of the art technology resources for developing sustainable resources.
  4. To enhance collaborative partnership between industries and research institutes for transferring current technology towards societal development.